Climate Action Plan

The development of a new Climate Action Plan (CAP) is an initiative led by a partnership between Mason Facilities and the Mason Sustainability Council’s Carbon Neutrality Task Force.

The Task Force is also working closely with Dumont Janks, who worked with George Mason University on the most recent Master Plan, and Arup, a global technical advisory firm, to develop a new Climate Action Plan (CAP). The new CAP will chart a path for Mason to attain carbon neutrality, a commitment first made in 2007 by then-President Alan Merten.

The new CAP will be delivered to President Gregory Washington prior to Mason’s 50th Anniversary in April 2022.


The new CAP will be developed in two phases – the first one will be strategic, and the second will be more detailed.

Overall, the CAP will lay out a path for Mason to eliminate its emissions, choose a scientifically relevant target date for carbon neutrality, examine the environmental and social justice benefits of a greener future, and set budget expectations for the execution of the CAP.

  • Phase I: delivery of a strategic, big picture CAP to President Washington by April 2022
  • Phase II: from April 2022 onward, the Task Force will work to create clear, actionable, and measurable goals to put the CAP into practice to ensure Mason is on an accelerated pathway to attain carbon neutrality

Community Engagement

The Task Force invites Mason students, faculty, staff, and alumni as well as community members to participate in town hall events. Everyone is invited to share their comments, feedback, and questions through an online feedback form.

  • Friday, November 19 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

In collaboration with the Task Force, Dumont Janks and Arup will invite many Mason community members to participate in one on one interviews and focus group dialogue sessions.

Climate Action Plan Resources

The Climate Action Plan website can be viewed here.