Mason Sustainability Council

We are careful stewards.
We manage the economic and natural resources entrusted to us responsibly and sustainably.

George Mason University 2014-2024 Strategic Plan

The Mason Sustainability Council (MSC) is an institution-wide initiative that works to integrate Mason’s research and academic strengths in sustainability with campus operations to mitigate Mason’s impact on the global climate, enables our campuses to become learning laboratories, and further establishes Mason as an institutional leader in higher-education sustainability.

The MSC Achieves Zero Waste Wins

Starting in July 2021, a few of the Circular Economy and Zero Waste Task Force‘s achievements will be implemented in Mason’s operations.

  • Along with free options from the tap, water fountains, and refill stations, single-use water for sale will only be available in aluminum cans at George Mason University, starting July 2021. Mason worked with Coca-Cola to confirm the elimination of all plastic bottles by 2025, with very limited potential exemptions or extensions for lines not able to be offered in aluminum cans or alternative means (e.g., fountain or other refill options, glass, boxes, etc.), pending regulatory approval.
  • Plastic shopping bags will be eliminated by July 21, 2021, and compostable foodservice items (compostable in our industrial composting facility) will replace all single-use plastic and polystyrene items.

The MSC’s Circular Economy and Zero Waste Task Force is co-chaired by the Office of Sustainability and Business Services.